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Landscape & Gardening Design and Construction for Houses, Real Estate, Hotels

Landscape and gardening expert, or landscape architect will much help in creating beautiful landscape / garden at houses, hotels, real estate, offices, shopping center or other area / building.

Entrance area

Entrance view Area main entrace Park at entrance area
Bali Garden style Water feature with stone pot Cilandak town house project

Backyard Garden

Backyard garden Backyard garden Backyard garden with pond (1) after design
Backyard garden with Kana flower Koi pond with gazebo, location: backyard of The Green, BSD (under construction) Koi pond with gazebo, location: backyard of The Green, BSD (after construction, day time)
Koi pond natural shape Backyard garden Water sprout pond (after contruction)
Backyard garden with Pond Backyard garden with Pond Backyard with pond

Why do you need a landscape architect?

Landscape architect will help you to get some benefits, i.e.:

* Creating landscape to reduce stress
* Creating landscape to improve aesthetic value
* Creating landscape that increase the property value
* Make you possible to enjoy the beauty environment everyday
* Make you possible to express your personality through your home garden
* Make you possible to have the most beautiful landscape at your neighborhood
* Make you possible to share the beauty of your landscape to relatives and friends
* Giving descriptive image and many choices of landscape design which may never be thought before
* Giving the best advice that fit to your budget

Pond design with natural stone

Pond design with natural stone

Various designs and choices of decorative plant, flower, trees, or grass should be adapted with its environment condition, soil condition, land size provided for landscape, or the garden's owner desire. All these things will enhance the performance and beauty of houses, building or its surrounding and will give the comfortable condition.

Many landscaping and garden design can be chose such as Bali landscape / Bali garden, natural landscape, simple landscape, landscape inside the house, stone landscape, fish pond landscape, waterfall landscape, fountain landscape, etc.

Bali Garden Style

Bali garden style is placed at front of the house with additional water feature to give natural and cool impression, and attractive view with sound of trickling water.

To get the better landscape performance, you can combine the landscape with artificial water pond, waterfall pond, or fountain pond with natural stone or relief. Pond can be either fish pond or just water pond. 

Water feature should not using pond, it can be put inside the pot which can be designed as fountain or waterfall. Combination of pond and water feature at houses or offices landscape will create peace and relax situation. To decide what kind of water feature to be used will depend on several condition and it should be carefully before the beginning of the landscaping construction.

Additionally, you can choose many attractive design of outdoor furniture such as sofa / chair and table, dining set, bar set, furniture accessories (garden lamp, swing), etc which durable to weather.

The intension of home landscape is to manage or modify the land performance around the house to improve its aesthetic and/or practical usage of the property. Some examples of practical improvement that could be done are drainage improvement, or throw out the big tree in front of the house that obstruct the view. If nothing to be improved, you may need to increase the aesthetic value or improve the performance of your property.

For landscape and gardening design and construction for local Indonesia or overseas, please contact us.



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